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Jun 21, 2007
6:21 PM EDT
Hail the new chief!! Congrats to Scott!

I assume (and hope), Don, that we'll still see you here in the forums, right? And good luck in all of your endeavors. You did a fantabulous job at LXER.


Jun 21, 2007
7:01 PM EDT

I hope it wasn't the pig picture that caused this. :-D

Seriously, you do great work. We'll have to try and get together again sometime for some midwest-style BBQ.

My best to you in your current and future pursuits. And, please, don't go away. I would miss your contributions to discussion.


Congratulations. When can we get together for our photo?

Jun 21, 2007
7:21 PM EDT
I am Phoenix bound through the summer at least, but if you wanna come out... :-)


Jun 21, 2007
7:50 PM EDT
Don, good luck, I mean break-a-leg. Your other endeavors will fare well with your involvement.

Scott, you have size 12 shoes to fill. I'm sure they'll be a comfortable fit.

If I try to say more I'll just embarrass myself.

Jun 21, 2007
8:11 PM EDT
Scott -

We love Don. He did great and wonderful things, pig or no pig.

Time passes.

Your turn to do great and wonderful things, pig or no pig.

Jun 21, 2007
10:20 PM EDT
I greatly appreciate the well-wishes and have thoroughly enjoyed my tenure here along with all of our users. I will still be in the journalism field, as I absolutely love this stuff. It's great to know that Bob, Scott, and all of you have great confidence in my journalistic abilities.

Y'all can reach me via 'parrisdc' at Google's mail system. I'm sure you've heard of gmail. It's possible I will announce my next steps in the fairly near future. Keep your eyes peeled. Meanwhile, I'll probably continue to hang out a little bit here at LXer. LXer's been my home for a year and a half - where else can I go?

Jun 22, 2007
2:55 AM EDT
So I guess we wont be saying farewell Don. :) Best of luck with your further ventures.


Jun 22, 2007
4:11 AM EDT
congrats Scott ... and thanks to Don

LXer is THE premiere Linux news site on the Web ... thanks to both of these guys and the whole LXer team. I am sure it will continue to be so moving forward.

Hmm ... Now I am looking forward to another place to read (dcparris' next home)

I guess that is what this bookmark feature in firefox is for :P

Jun 26, 2007
2:01 AM EDT
A belated congratulations Scott, and a big thank you to Don. You have done great work. LXer has much improved over the time I have visited here.

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