None of which are unique to Linux.

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Jul 10, 2007
8:54 AM EDT
Clear your route cache in Windows? Command line.

Maybe, just maybe, a Mac doesn't ever need a command line. Maybe.

Anyway, I found these "admissions" to be lame, since they apply to everything else too. The only people who think Windows is easy to install and make all your hardware work with, are people who have never installed Windows.

Jul 10, 2007
9:27 AM EDT
>Maybe, just maybe, a Mac doesn't ever need a command line. Maybe.

There's no maybe about it. If you like the Mac way, you can do everything the Mac way.

Personally, I'm not a Mac guy -- though I have to work with them -- but I do admire what Apple's done.

Jul 10, 2007
10:43 AM EDT
Actually most of the Mac users I know use the command line as often as I do on Linux.

They're developers, not just ordinary Mac home users, and that is a big difference.

Here's an example of DHH creating a Ruby on Rails app on a mac:

I usually use the command line to create my tables in MySQL. David uses a GUI front end.

(It also shows off the very cool programmer's editor. Textmate, a mac only product.)

Jul 10, 2007
10:52 AM EDT
When I was working at Apple in 1991, I didn't use a command line at all. I honestly don't think System 7 _had_ a command line. AUX did, and OSX does of course.

But Apple did write a command line for the Mac, as detailed in Neil Stephenson's _In The Beginning Was The Command Line_, which looked a lot like a Unix shell.


Jul 10, 2007
10:58 AM EDT
The current OS at Apple is really built upon the NeXT OS, which was built on the Mach kernel, which was built on BSD. There's a lot of command line stuff in there. Apple ships developer tools on the OS/X disc, but they're not installed by default.

Its a very nice commercial Unix environment.

Alot of the BeOS people seem to have gone back to become Mac developers after the switch to OS/X.

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