A telling blunder by Mr. Enderle

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Jul 19, 2007
9:58 AM EDT
Mr. Enderle tries to position himself has being an authority on the business of technology, but makes a singularly bizarre statement: "However, I also realize that a monopoly is the most efficient business model and the market will almost always gravitate towards it." The link he himself provides (http://ingrimayne.com/econ/Monopoly/Overview15mi.html) says just the opposite: "Monopoly is inefficient because it prevents an economy from producing the mix of products that have the greatest possible value." I guess the guy can't read his own links.

Loye Young http://www.iycc.biz Laredo, Texas

Jul 19, 2007
12:41 PM EDT
About ever link Rob points to says the opposite of what he claims it says. Even the link about RMS giving Bill Gates the "binary four". RMS gave a sign with Bill's name on it the binary four, not Bill himself (that would have been a riot!)

Jul 19, 2007
9:56 PM EDT
If RMS ever does give BG the 0100, I'll sell the tickets at US$1.00 each. And no doubt I'll make a small fortune.

Jul 23, 2007
8:10 AM EDT
Loye Young [HYPERLINK@www.iycc.biz] Laredo, Texas

Laredo...? When did you folks get electricity...or do you have a generator. From my last visit, I am guessing the latter...

Just kidding,,,I know you have electricity...and I've heard that since my last visit, lots of you even have indoor plumbing. It's the internet service that I'm surprised about.

Excellent points btw....made by candle light or not.


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