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Jul 24, 2007
5:55 AM EDT
"Open" X-Change isn't really open. In order to get the full functionality you have to buy the full version. While they've managed to arrange things so that they are to-the-letter open source, it's not really in the spirit of open source. The same holds true for Scalix and Zimbra.

Better to stick with true open source groupware. http://www.citadel.org

We make our best work available to everyone on the same (GPL3) terms.

Jul 24, 2007
6:40 AM EDT
From what I can gather from their website, only the plugin to make Outlook and PalmOS talk to OpenXchage are not included in the GPL version (you have to buy them. $815 for 25 licenses). The rest looks above-board to me.

Jul 24, 2007
9:13 AM EDT
I can't find the link to download the GPL version, am I just blind?

Jul 24, 2007
3:39 PM EDT
You get it through CVS. It's in the installation manual: http://wiki.open-xchange.com/wiki/index.php?title=Open_Xchan...

Not the best place to show that off, to put it mildly :-)

Jul 24, 2007
8:29 PM EDT
Thanks. I'm glad they didn't burden the GPL version with a simple, easy installer like the proprietary version :-/

Looks pretty good, but by comparison Citadel (also looks very good) is about 10,000 times easier to install, since all you really need is a build environment (kernel-devel in the Red Hat world, I think) I realize that companies don't want to make it too easy to use the free stuff, but....I mean, look at Red Hat. They encourage the usage of CentOS, etc, just to get people familiar with their stuff so they have ready inroads in the corporate world. I think OpenXchange could learn from that. Make the GPL version easy to use and install just to get people familiar with it, and in the long run they'll reap the rewards.

Oh, well. Downloading Citadel right now to get more familiar with it. :)


Jul 25, 2007
12:04 AM EDT
Well, I didn't say that Open-Xchange was an exemplary open source company. Just that they aren't the half-assed not-open-source company like Sugar or Centric.

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