This is what Microsoft gets from the money they paid Linspir

Story: Linspire Joins Interop Vendor Alliance ProgramTotal Replies: 2
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Jul 26, 2007
7:51 PM EDT
A member of the Interop group that supports Microsoft's position, I wouldn't be surprised to see Xandros there as well.

Jul 27, 2007
7:32 AM EDT
Not only that, but you can be certain that the IVAP will be dispensing spin right and left, throwing out its nets wide to try catching any straying FOSS companies.

Microsoft already doing the PR-thing more "openly" as of late, what with so-called "revelations" contained in the post-OSCON pieces 'Predator' Microsoft applies to give itself cancer' ( and 'Microsoft launches Open Source site' (

Guess that MS is attempting to veer off for a brief spell from its FUD/"Extinguish" mode through HilfBilly's & Co's "Embrace and Extend" OSCON efforts. But, your guess is as good as anyone's just how brief this may really be..............


Jul 27, 2007
7:44 AM EDT

How much money did Microsoft pay to Linspire?

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