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Sep 07, 2007
8:25 AM EST
I would like to know how to contact james burgettes organization.

Sep 07, 2007
10:27 AM EST
Hi fedorachick,

the mail address and even the phone number are on his home page on - and that resource was mentioned in the article...

kind regards, wjl

Sep 17, 2007
8:46 PM EST
how will i get a free lap top??

Sep 17, 2007
8:52 PM EST
You should really contact the ACCRC about that. See the link wjl posted above.

Sep 18, 2007
9:12 AM EST
Please note that the ACCRC was/is having some troubles with bureaucracy lately - so anyone living in the Cisco Bay area could possibly go and offer their help.

See for more information about this.


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