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Dec 17, 2007
2:39 PM EDT
I wish more people would keep track of their adventures in such detail. I'm glad he didn't disable ICMP echo replies- whoever started spreading the myth that ordinary pings are dangerous needs to be sent to bed without supper, along with the maroon who started the "never write down your passwords" myth.

I keep wanting to exorcise Kubuntu from my main workstation and try plain old Debian again; I just need to find time. The last time I did it Debian ate my home partition- most unfriendly, and I'm 99% certain I did not check the 'format this partition' in the installer. But there is always that 1%.

Dec 17, 2007
2:52 PM EDT
Well, they invented backups for a reason ;-)

Dec 17, 2007
3:13 PM EDT
Backups? What are thees things?

Of COURSE I had backups, sheesh. (And if I didn't I'll never admit it.)

Dec 17, 2007
4:33 PM EDT
Yes, that's a decent writeup, in about the same way I once intended with my Gentoo Diary. After a year, I still have to write the second part of that diary though. Shame on me! (It's in the pipeline and will contain a very interesting cross-dependency problem probably only Gentoo-users could ever encounter).

However, what's the fun in using Debian? I once installed some stuff on a Debian-server, with some help from a Howto, and everything just worked like it said in that Howto! Probably because the Howto was intended for Debian in the first place... Also, installing a new package only lasted from 5 to 10 seconds. After that, all software just works like I intended it to do (without the need to recompile with new USE-flags or so). It doesn't become hosed like Windows either, like said before just works. Plain boring!

Dec 17, 2007
9:33 PM EDT
He really did it step by step. I've been using Etch on one machine or another since it came out in April, and my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Amid the flood of Ubuntu books, I wish a few on Debian and Slackware would be released.

Dec 18, 2007
4:02 AM EDT
I agree - this is really great. Just documented it on TheDebianUser, which is aggregated on other sites as well.

Oh, and Hans, there's pretty much to discover even in Debian, which mostly works as it is documented. However, I think I've got your point.

Dec 18, 2007
5:44 AM EDT
Yes and yes and yes again. Haven't had much time to play with the Etch machine since the install. I still say the "netinst" was the best of any Linux. Everything works and works quickly on the old PIII. Going to be looking at that article often.

Great write up.

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