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Dec 21, 2007
12:44 PM EDT
What a great article, thanks gus3! Yet more proof that Linux is really about clever workarounds :)

Dec 21, 2007
8:50 PM EDT
Thanks, tc. It was the most fun project I've done in a while.

The next project will be an automatic image scaler for Mom's digital photos. Emailing a megabyte-size image via dial-up is definitely not an option. Using The GIMP is a bit of a pain, but it's the best thing she has available at the moment. I think that might be another Christmas present for her. ;-)

Dec 22, 2007
6:06 AM EDT
Quoting:I think that might be another Christmas present for her. ;-)
Take a look at these Christmas lights for hints

I wonder what computer was used!


Dec 22, 2007
8:27 AM EDT
Nah, silly me, I was typing that when it was late. I'll probably use pnmtools or ImageMagick, depending on the lossiness tests.

Dec 23, 2007
4:34 AM EDT
Yup, even that's done now. And it was a lot simpler than I expected at first.

It's been a good Christmas season here. ;-)

Dec 23, 2007
4:40 AM EDT
gus3, that's really geeky! Great to read! I hope there's a big penguin and a big GNU in your slideshow?

Dec 23, 2007
5:27 PM EDT

Hey, oddly enough we're looking to do something like this at the college to replace the current boring still announcement board. Does your setup happen to allow playing both still images and videos? :)


Dec 23, 2007
6:36 PM EDT
I wouldn't suggest playing video using such a weak X server system. The script could probably be tailored to work fully on the local system, rather than using a networked setup. However, GLslideshow isn't one for playing videos.

The smart thing in this case would likely be "roll your own." Unless you're talking about a consulting offer... ;-)

Dec 24, 2007
1:16 PM EDT
It would most likely be a dedicated box hooked up to a LCD/Plasma/whatever. If I understand the "needs" right, we will want to be able to do both images and videos in some sort of playlist.

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