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Jan 03, 2008
11:33 AM EDT
I made a comment at O'Reillynet, asking Caitlyn if she had considered using Xfce in Debian. I found it to be as fast as Slackware running Xfce -- and faster than Wolvix, but without as many nice tools as most Xfce-based distros (Vector, Zenwalk).

I still have a laptop running the Xfce install of Debian, but it zips quite a bit faster with Damn Small Linux (233 MHz processor, 64 MB of RAM requires a bit more care).

The main problem with Debian and Xfce is that many of the tools of the standard Debian install are missing (no Synaptic, no Update Manager). And if you leave the KDE apps off of Slackware and just install Xfce, you are left without even an office suite. So that provides a huge opening for Xfce-based distributions like the one Caitlyn is reviewing here.

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