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Mar 18, 2008
6:27 AM EDT
I might actually run this. After learning the hard way that Transgaming's Cedega actually has rather terrible support (as in none at all), I have been running the few Win games I run under Linux using vanilla Wine. Crossover I do trust though for support, and I trust that when they say they will frequently update it, they will.

Mar 18, 2008
12:54 PM EDT
I had to install WINE on my partner's machine last night. The people she chats with on the social networking board she uses post links to pages containing Shockwave content, which she can't view on Linux. So I installed WINE, and a trial version of Crossover, and installed Firefox for windows, and the Shockwave plugin, so now she can view the damned shockwave stuff. I'm pretty impressed with the latest versions of WINE, it has run almost everything I've thrown at it, sometimes the GUI isn't quite right, like with the Java app that required DirectX - DirectX content ran fine, the GUI kept breaking up.

I'm also impressed with Crossover, it makes installing Windows apps on Linux dead easy, and uninstalling them actually removes all trace of them (unlike the same process on Windows). Having a separate container for each installed Windows app is a good move as it facilitates the uninstall and you can if necessary fiddle with the settings necessary to get it working without interfering with other stable applications.

I think I'll be paying for a copy for us.

Mar 18, 2008
1:23 PM EDT
Shockwave seems to be a dead end. Not even OSX/x86 is not supported. It would appear that adobe is simply letting shockwave wither and die.

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