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Apr 18, 2008
4:24 PM EDT
I love the new logos! Very good work by the designers. I know there will be those who do not like them, I am not one of them. :-)

Its good to hear that ODF support is going to be better, I hope. I really want to use KOffice because its a fifth the size (ok maybe not a fifth, but still) of OpenOffice and opens in half the time but I keep everything in ODF, have for some time now, and KOffice has never been able consistently open my saved stuff well, if at all. Until it does I am not going to use it for much, no matter how many cool applications they attach to it.

Sorry KDE devs, until you get opening my ODF documents down pat, you won't get me to switch.


Apr 18, 2008
8:38 PM EDT
Fix the initial typographical quotes -- they're backward when they begin a line. They we're OK back in the pre-ODF version of KWord, but went to hell in the current version.

Get "smart" quotes right, and all is forgiven.

Apr 18, 2008
8:51 PM EDT
I've found a real liking for Krita, I think it's potentially much better than GIMP.

Apr 18, 2008
9:02 PM EDT
Why are quotes always fuxxored on computers? Is it really that hard to make " " thingies that don't turn into  gibberish or question marks? Geez, after decades of high-powered computing we haven't even caught up to typewriters.

The new logos are very cool. And not fuxxored.

Apr 18, 2008
9:19 PM EDT
ta -

Yes, krita is very cool, although -- have the fixed the printing yet? My version REALLY wants to print on A4 and nothing else.

Apr 18, 2008
9:54 PM EDT
I'm keeping my eye on Krita. It's getting to the point that Krita will bring me over to KDE.

Apr 19, 2008
3:23 AM EDT
Quoting:My version REALLY wants to print on A4 and nothing else.

I, being in Europe, have no problem with that one ;)

For me, KOffice is still much behind OOo in opening MS Office documents... And unfortunately I need it. The worst offender is handling of character encodings for my language.

Apr 19, 2008
4:09 AM EDT
Quoting:It's getting to the point that Krita will bring me over to KDE.

Why? I can (and do) run many KDE apps on my gnome desktop. My only wish is that the two of them standardized things like the keyring. Write up an API and submit it to so thatI can use only one keyring application for all my password needs.

Apr 19, 2008
3:43 PM EDT
You bring over a few KDE apps, you get a lot more. For Krita, Potato Guy and digiKam, I got about 50 other things from KDE, including Konqueror, which I quite like, except for the fact that it doesn't play well with Movable Type.

And yes, I'm happy to stick with GNOME for now.

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