Gigabit Network performance - nvidia onboard vs intel pci?

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Jun 28, 2008
12:04 PM EDT
Does anyone have any actual experience comparing the performance of an nvidia onboard gigabit controller (such as mcp61) vs an offboard controller (such as an intel pro-1000)? As I'm in the process of upgrading my lan to gigabit, I'm wondering if it would be worth it to put a pro-1000 in my machine to replace the onboard mcp61 gigabit controller (i.e. would it actually gain any noticeable performance over the onboard mcp61).

Any input?

I did a little quick searching and didn't really come up with anything. Just the occasional "I replaced my onboard ethernet with this and it's better" comments, generally without any useful information like what their onboard actually is.


Jun 28, 2008
5:55 PM EDT

Jun 28, 2008
7:26 PM EDT
Thanks! So it probably wouldn't really be worth it to put one in my desktop machine (I'm actually not sure I even have a free slot) just for the little reduction in latency.

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