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Aug 07, 2008
11:09 AM EDT
Quoting: if I was an exhibitor at a Linux Expo (say LinuxWorld for example) I would at least take the time to get the video about my product to be shown in something, anything other than WMP. I try not to be easily offended by such things but come on! I am at LinuxWorld, at least show me the video in Kaffeine, VLC, Xine or any other of a dozen video players that are accessible in Linux! Sorry for the rant.

Let me ask you this, Scott- does Microsoft do its demos on Apple or Linux? Does Oracle run demos on MySQL? Does GM proudly show off sleek shiny Toyotas? It's 2008 for gosh sake! So-called Linux vendors ought to be using Linux, and if they're not able to get it together for a trade show, I'd say they're not together with regards to their Linux business at all. It's easy to make video demos that don't require horrid old WMP or Quicktime, and it's even easier to play those nasty formats, if you must use them, in a Linux player. Maybe you could get a photo of the demo BSOD-ing? *mean giggle*

Aug 07, 2008
8:33 PM EDT
BSOD'ing? I wish, I did look at it long enough though...

I can't believe how much it really irked me to see that..

Aug 10, 2008
8:09 AM EDT
I say: Ban them! However, Microsoft once did its demos on Apple (because they were only provided with a Mac for their presentation; so that's what they used). And when Volkswagen once showed some new car they used a Mercedes truck to transport their 'booth', because Volkswagen doesn't build trucks. However, they were so smart to glue a VW-sign over the Mercedes-star.

Aug 10, 2008
4:07 PM EDT

That reminds me of the late 90s when MS was pushing Visual Studio (or whatever they called it then.) They mailed out a bunch of promo CDs which ran what amounted to an interactive video commercial. When the binary app was viewed, it revealed that it was written in Borland's Delphi.

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