Blocking Auto Refreshes?

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Aug 31, 2008
7:38 PM EDT
Anybody know of a firefox extension or setting that will let you ignore the refresh setting on pages (noscript doesn't seem to have the option)? Some pages of course should refresh (webmail, etc.), but I find it really annoying when I open up articles to read later from certain sites we link to frequently *cough*itwire*cough* and they auto refresh themselves all day.

Aug 31, 2008
7:44 PM EDT
I found one listed (RefreshBlocker) but apparently it doesn't work with FF3.

Aug 31, 2008
8:54 PM EDT
Refresh Blocker works quite well with FF3 if you edit the rdf file to include 3.* as the maximum version

Aug 31, 2008
9:10 PM EDT
Thanks! I hadn't tried hacking it because of the note about it not working. But then, I have seen one or two other extensions that worked when they shouldn't have....

Aug 31, 2008
10:55 PM EDT
A refresh blocker...

Now there is something that should never be used when visiting about no more news...LOL!!!

For some reason I think that is really funny...refresh blocker...on LXer..HAH!! I Kill Me!!

Now I get it being needed for some sites (who shall remain nameless) they need it that's for sure; I wish I could use something like that extension to keep some of my tools at work from auto refreshing and logging me out all the time. It is a pain having to re-connect into remote hardware and re-input connection data over and over again when I am doing a long series of tests or chasing line attenuation from a thousand miles away at my 'other' job.

Thanks for letting me vent. ;-)


Aug 31, 2008
10:59 PM EDT
There there, Scott, take the nice pills and you'll feel better. The multi-colored ones with the little 3s on them taste good and make you feel better.



Sep 01, 2008
3:05 AM EDT
Ohh... I'm going to try that out.

On a related note, does anyone know of a list of all the URL previewers, so that I can blackhole them? One of the things I find most annoying is when you hover your mouse cursor over a link and a big float opens with an iFrame, showing you the page that it goes to.

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