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Sep 08, 2008
8:52 AM EDT
As a younger user i understand the trouble with getting anyone to use Linux. I am a slack user my self and have been since 2000 when i got into building my own computers. Of course i had no money and got an old hand me down s-box. I went to buy a copy of windows and did not have enough cash to get it. But I saw a copy of red hat for free in a book that was 30.00 bucks and I always wondered what red hat was. I was imaging a command shell and black screen like the apples that I was brought up on. At first glance i was not impressed with the gui and a month latter i was installing my first copy of Slack. Not to mention the bloody 4 head and broken tows for the first few months. Much of the same for the last 8 years.

I have used almost every distro out their i can get my hands on over the years. Not one of them would i ever feel comfortable getting a windows user to exchange to. But finally i ran accost PC-BSD 7. with the KDE 4.1 gui. It is so easy to use its unreal. Any basic user would have no problem on the system. And they may be looking to see what else is out their Like i did. But its like anything else they see Billy Gates out their pumping hype about a new bag of tricks and the masses eat it up. When the public access terminals get large and people realize that their little GPS in their car and all the web servers are running a Linux kernel things will change. I hope All i user windows for now a days is to run vm-ware. Its a perfect layer of protection. Oops I mean fuzzing lol. KEEP YOUR DATA FREE, USE FREE BSD.

Sep 08, 2008
12:47 PM EDT
FreeBSD is cool, I've used it in the past and found it to be quite stable and complete - and from what I can see, FreeBSD seems to form the basis of OS X.

IMHO FreeBSD no longer enjoys the huge scalability and stability advantage it once held over linux (not because fbsd slipped, but because linux got better) but FreeBSD is no slouch and certainly a solid OS.

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