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Nov 30, 2008
10:23 PM EDT
You all have wondered where the Colonel has been, eh? Mrs. Panik and I have been in California to share Thanksgiving with our daughter and her husband. First time I have been back to the Bay Area in 40 years. Nothing changed.

The highlight of my trip was a drive south through or at least next to Silicon Valley, and on to the Mecca of Linux. I was able to visit with Larry Cafiero in Felton, CA. The home of Lindependence.

Larry like his Texan twin Ken Starks, was a wonderful host, I was personally guided to each of the shrines where Lindependence events took place. I have some soil from the Holy Land that I will sell for a lot of money if any of you want a keepsake from history

Food and coffee was consumed (thanks Larry) and insider secrets were passed. This Lindependence group is as serious as a kernel panic.

Next event will be in TAOS, NM and is planned to happen after the New Year has commenced. Please come out and give a hand.

In other news: Larry's license plate is: GNU LNUX.


Dec 01, 2008
4:06 AM EDT
Quoting:In other news: Larry's license plate is: GNU LNUX.

Cool :-) It's a shame that we can't get vanity plates here in The Netherlands. I'd love to have a plate like that on my car.

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