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Jan 09, 2009
7:08 PM EDT
Quoting:It was a little Dell Netbook that unlike all the other Netbooks around it, was and would not get on the Internet no matter what. Believe me, I tried to no avail.

You couldn't get on the internet? did you ask? were you able to on with the Windows machines?

Did you ask Why Asus didn't have any Linux machines? or anyone else that also sells them?

Jan 09, 2009
7:11 PM EDT
I tried but not too many people were interested in taking time to talk about it. I took the hint and moved on.

Jan 09, 2009
8:04 PM EDT

Here is something to check out: the Palm Pre. Prior to its announcement I had been reading it was supposedly on a Linux based OS. However, in the items I have read to date none seemed to confirm that conjecture.

What about the Google phone running Android, at least Linux lurks there.

Also check out EMTEC (if they are at the CES) and their new Gdium netbook (can I use that description without being sued?) that is known to run Linux off a UBS memory stick [aka G-Key]. Indeed using a MIPS CPU (at least at present) it has no option but to run an non-Windows OS.

[all serious, up to this point]

... (ah, but I might explain why you have missed so much. Following you around the floor I noticed a good rendition of Brownian Motion in your walk. I must say, your recovery steps were impressive.)

Jan 09, 2009
8:05 PM EDT
I am not surprised actually, mostly Sales people working at CES.

Those of us who favor Linux must not give up, continue to present the "interest" for Linux products to these vendors, whenever possible, and put our money where our mouths are by BUYING them when they are introduced.

I for one bought a Dell when the Linux version Dell first came out...but sadly, I purchased a slightly faster box, which happened to have Microsoft on it instead, then promptly formatted it and installed Debian. I have done this 3 times now....

The problem?... For my transactions, Dell thinks they sold a Microsoft License....MS does too... Actually,then MS takes credit for what is really 3 Linux machines.. This Sucks!! Wish someone had a site to register a "former" windows PC, now Linux PC.

My point,... there is a pretty huge hidden Linux sales potential out there...that must be the message to these vendors..

Also, I have a new Eee1000H which came with XP, Formatted that too, and put on Ubuntu 8.10 with the Jason kernel patch, everything works great, cam, wifi, sound, mic, Ekiga (and skype too).. Keep up the good work!! love your site. Jim

Jan 10, 2009
10:29 AM EDT
Reply to mooneypilot:

Besides Dell, there are other options for buying a Linux system: That's where I purchased my Linux (Ubuntu 8.04) laptop. I got the Pangolin. However, I've since replaced Ubuntu with Fedora 9, and then upgraded it to 10. It's great. I liked Ubuntu, but I kept having USB mount problems with my flash drive. I had no such problems in Fedora. I hadn't had problems like that in Fedora since maybe Fedora 3 or 4. Perhaps, the issue is gone in Ubuntu 8.10. I don't know, but historically, at home, I've run 100% Fedora anyway. Fedora 9 integrated with my network better. In Ubuntu, the lowest User ID is 1000 while in Fedora, the lowest is 500. I went through hoops to modify Ubuntu to allow a lower UID, and it worked, but I didn't have to do that for Fedora of course.

Anyway, you can find other vendors that will sell a good system to you with Linux on it. You don't have to use DELL. However, I agree that we should support Dell, too, as long as they sell a Linux system that is worthy of purchase.

Jan 10, 2009
2:27 PM EDT
Just so people do not think I skipped vendors..

Toshiba - No

Samsung - No

Panasonic - No

Hitachi - No

Sony - No

Fujitsu - No

Sharp - No

Nokia - No

Still looking...

Jan 10, 2009
4:38 PM EDT
Maybe TomTom or Philips? Their products are known to 'run Linux' but they're not vocal about it.

Jan 10, 2009
7:56 PM EDT
Scott, if you are still at CES, it would be great if you could check out CompuLab for us (booth North 403).

I hear they have an open hardware + open software handheld (gsm/umts/cdma smartphone) platform called "exeda" that is supposed to run Android Linux, and Angstrom Linux. It is so open that it even has a documented JTAG connector for developers.

Jan 10, 2009
8:22 PM EDT
There has been excitement generated over the Palm Pre, which is supposed to be even cooler and better than the iPhone. Rumor has it it's based on a Linux kernel, but you wouldn't know that from reading the Palm Website, which mentions Windows and the Palm WebOS about a million times, or anything Palm have said during the show.

It's stupid to not take advantage of the Linux netbook buzz. It's stupid not to tout the advantages of an open, low-resource-hungry, reliable, tuff OS. Stupid stupid stupid. Or, as some have suggested, yet another sign that Sauron's grip is still strong, and all these big-name vendors are cowardly weiners.

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