Another great report, guys

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Feb 17, 2009
1:10 AM EDT
I especially liked the update on Thunderbird. I'm about to stop whining about Thunderbird's archiving capability, and I've gathered up a few thousand messages that I'm about to transfer from one T-Bird installation to another, so it's nice to know that Mozilla is planning to keep working on the client.

The ext4 update was also interesting. I always wonder why all those "other" filesystems never seem to get much traction with users, and it was nice to see it put into perspective. I had never before heard of Google's dislike of journaling (and therefore continued use of ext2). Very interesting, indeed.

Feb 17, 2009
3:18 AM EDT
If you like Thunderbird then you're going to love their new indexing engine called Gloda. David showed off full-text search in a message box serevral thousand messages long that returned all results within a second. Very impressive.

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