Some of those things seem a bit trivial

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Feb 21, 2009
7:23 PM EDT
and or not necessarily easier for the ordinary user.

But 9 and 10 should be useful marketing points, and should be explained to people often.

Feb 21, 2009
8:00 PM EDT
Certainly they're nice, and I use multiple different-looking desktops at times.

The real kicker for me rather than Windows is #s 9 and 10, also.

I see a review, or a suggestion about LiVE, for instance, and it's quick and easy to install it and KNOW it will work on my system.

The secure file transfer and easy remote administration are good, too, and certainly not trivial to those who need those functions. The last datacenter I worked in that had to administer Windows servers used Keyboard/Video/Mouse signalling over ethernet cables. It was an AWFUL kluge of a fix for the awful single-user-only design of Windows. I was repulsed.

Today, if I were in that same kind of environment, I would be advocating Linux hosts with Windows, if needed, running in VMs. Even if a "dedicated" server has only one instance of Windows running, it's still so much easier to REACH as a VM on a Linux host, and the user sure won't notice any difference.

Feb 22, 2009
1:22 PM EDT
I would suggest some others. Be sure you are able to access your file in the future due to open formats. Never having to pay for software again. It can run on less powered hardware (more efficient). It can be a single OS that can run on almost anything - what Microsoft falsely argues for Windows. Be confident that you system isn't hacked (provided you use some common sense).

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