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Mar 09, 2009
12:53 AM EDT
Not that I ever doubted the merits of our battle against SCO, but I read the by-line of the article and just had a 'I have to thank my lucky stars' moment.

I remember first reading about the SCO suit in '03 and it initially freaked me out for the future of Linux. If the case dragged on forever, Linux could have gotten lost in the wilderness for a decade like the BSDs did back in the 90s. If the AT&T v. Board of Regents of U of California suit had never happened, BSD might have become the OS that we all rave about instead of Linux. That suit wasn't as cut and dry as the SCO v. IBM case, but it took a lot of wind out of BSD's sails for quite a while.

Not that there's anything wrong with the BSDs. But I've tried out every 'desktop' BSD there is out there and nothing comes close to ease of any major Linux distro. Hell, even portage on Gentoo is easier to use than ports on FreeBSD, in my opinion.

Mar 09, 2009
9:15 AM EDT
it is interestring that you mention this. Because I have noticed a trend with the SCO and M$ claims in the wild. They seem to backfire every time. In fact each time they rattle their sabres i get more inquiries from people wanting to know just what this "linux" thing is.

it also does not matter because if any such "violations" are magically ruled into existence because the community will just write it out of the base.

Mar 09, 2009
1:00 PM EDT
A variation of the "Streisand effect."


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