Recommendation for a Cable Modem?

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Apr 01, 2009
2:45 PM EDT
Hi. My i-got-it-from-the-cable-company-5-years-ago cable modem is dying. I figure I have enough time left to get a decent replacement, since it's out of their "warrantee" period.

Rather than tell me what they're selling them for, they sent me a link to their "cable modem troubleshooting" website page (as if that is any help if the cable modem is down!) as a "list of supported hardware".

So they've got 30 or so items listed, but with the vast range of experience on LXer I figured I'd ask if anyone has a suggestion.

I've already sent a request back to them asking what their head-end hardware is, so I can tend to look for the same brand, no answer.

If you're interested in their list, it's

Apr 01, 2009
3:06 PM EDT
You own the cable modem?

'Round these parts, the provider owns them.

Apr 01, 2009
4:29 PM EDT
What gus3 says.... Here if it dies you call the cable company and they replace it at no charge.

Apr 01, 2009
6:40 PM EDT
Yes, same here. They get replaced for free. Sorry I can't help here. I've never used cable. Only ADSL.

Apr 01, 2009
7:01 PM EDT
> You own the cable modem?

Here it's an option, you can rent one from the cable company or buy one yourself.

This OEM Motorola from Newegg seems to get good reviews:

Apr 01, 2009
8:27 PM EDT
Yep, the "rental" would have cost me several times what it cost to buy it 5 years ago.

Was thinking $51 to go to a all-in-one Linksys, get away from this Belkin poop router, but you're right I should keep it in minimal component style, more things to break but less to replace each one.

Motorola, hmm? I looked at that SB5101 at BestBuy today for $75. NewEgg for $40, nice. Consider it done.

Boy am I glad I looked at the reviews of that Linksys all-in-one. That's just too many bad experiences for comfort.


Apr 02, 2009
6:28 AM EDT
Got my Motorola free from the cable company when I signed up. I own it outright.

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