I find the choice of words interesting

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Sep 10, 2009
7:41 AM EDT
Quoting:Microsoft Foes Aim to Snatch Patent Advantage in Linux Tussle

Sep 10, 2009
1:11 PM EDT
Indeed, what is especially interesting here is this reference to this all-encompassing "tussle", a.k.a.,"fight".

As already noted before at http://lxer.com/module/forums/t/29636/ (and probably will be mentioned again!), Microsoft's current three-pronged L.S.D. strategy in its continued "tussle" with Linux appears to be its Legal Strategy. Sales Strategy. Development Strategy.

A telling snippet from this piece by Morphy reveals how this current Legal "tussle" could escalate in the future :
Quoting:Microsoft Bogeyman

Redmond's approach to open source could simply be one of pragmatic resignation.

"I don't profess to understand all of Microsoft's motivation, but I do think it understands the open source movement is too big for it squash it, at least based upon its legal strategy," noted Golden. "The lawyers at Microsoft are reasonable, fair-minded people who understand the legal environment they are in."

On the other hand, Microsoft could merely be biding its time before it launches an all-out war on Linux.
Note here the actual use of the words "an all-out war on Linux", through IP Patent-related or other types of future litigation.

Sales. The current revelation(s) that Microsoft is making a concerted effort to distort facts concerning Linux in its Windows 7 Sales' drive; primarily aimed at retailers, yet ultimately aimed at consumers. Basically, minimally adulterated FUD pure and simple.

Development. The Microsoft Development Teams' embracing and "Interoperability" overtures to F/OSS devs. Morphy even writes in the introductory paragraph:
Quoting:Microsoft has been making overtures to the open source community of late, but suspicion abounds.
A reasonable suspicion from the last two parts of Microsoft's record of Embrace, Extend, Extinguish(EEE) ???


So the Open Invention Network's current success in circumventing Microsoft's sale of patents to patent trolls could perhaps be seen as winning this particular legal "battle" (or the threat of such) without necessarily winning Microsoft's overall L.S.D. "war" against Linux. Also see directly concerning this, Zemlin's Linux Foundation piece 'Protecting Linux from Microsoft (Yes, Microsoft Got Caught)', linked to LXer at http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/125354


Sep 10, 2009
5:19 PM EDT
I find the words interesting, because they imply that someone is attacking Microsoft, when in fact, it's the other way around. Which to me tells us a lot about Katherine Noyes.

Sep 10, 2009
5:34 PM EDT
Quoting:I find the words interesting, because they imply that someone is attacking Microsoft, when in fact, it's the other way around.
Yes, and this is certainly in line with the common saying that "the best defense is a good offense" (see http://ipthoughts.com/2008/01/29/the-best-defense-is-a-good-... )

Quoting:Which to me tells us a lot about Katherine Noyes.
Where exactly is Katherine Noyes mentioned in this piece?? The current Title and Attributes on top of the piece's main body are
Quoting:Microsoft Foes Aim to Snatch Patent Advantage in Linux Tussle

By Erika Morphy LinuxInsider 09/09/09 4:00 AM PT
Is this an error??


Sep 10, 2009
6:18 PM EDT

Microsoft Foes Aim to Snatch Patent Advantage in Linux Tussle

* LinuxInsider; By Katherine Noyes

Sep 10, 2009
6:34 PM EDT
No, but there IS a current Noyes'y piece at http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/68080.html?wlc=1252621304 The Title and Introductory sections on top of THIS piece's main body are
Quoting:Fun and FUD in the Fall Flamebait Follies By Katherine Noyes LinuxInsider 09/10/09 4:00 AM PT

Summer may have slipped away, but the heat is on in the Linux blogosphere, and FOSS fans are up in arms over the latest barrage of insults from Microsoft followers. For example, "Open Source Is Polluting the Windows Experience," is the title of a tirade by InfoWorld's Randall Kennedy. "Wow, someone is an angry little man...," wrote a blogger reacting to the piece. "Get him a pacifier quick!
(again, the direct link of this is http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/68080.html?wlc=1252621304)

The actual LXer submission for the Morphy piece is probably incorrectly attributed to Noyes; http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/125360 versus http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/Microsoft-Foes-Aim-to-Snat...


Sep 10, 2009
8:03 PM EDT
well according to our Newswire list, that article is authored by Noyes. I didn't go there because I refuse to be insulted by the full page ad for Microsoft ware that you get before you get to the LinuxInsider site.

Sep 10, 2009
10:43 PM EDT
@vv, Noyes'y supposed to be "noisy" about all these flamebaits, right ? Cute. I didn't sense from this, though, that Katherine Noyes is anything like a shill for M$. She calls herself Linux Girl and put in a nice touch of using a tuxchick quote at the end of her blog. That was a class act if you ask me. 2c


Sep 11, 2009
7:47 AM EDT
Well, I had to use wiktionary to even understand the words she used. But I guess it's

"Microsofts 'enemies' aim to quickly grab patent advantage in Linux struggle"

If somebody asked me, I'd say the struggle is with patents and not with Linux, but whoami (kwint, says bash).

Also, to the asserted enemies of Microsoft, patents are a disadvantage by default. You cannot grab advantage with something that's a disadvantage to you, so therefore I guess Ms. Noyes assumes different enemies than just Linux users. Enemies such as IBM, Philips Red Hat and the like. Those enemies in turn are - when it comes to their love of software patents - an enemy to Linux users too.

Sep 11, 2009
8:27 AM EDT
I don't really think Linux is a "foe" to Microsoft - more like a foil.

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