Story: User Agent Switcher keeps Ubuntu usable at CollegeTotal Replies: 6
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Sep 28, 2009
2:51 AM EDT
I have to change Ident's a bit for my college too. It sux but Opera makes it easy. Although why my college still insits on frames is beyond me...

Sep 28, 2009
5:54 AM EDT
Unless I missed it, the author does not say which college. Obviously not a good one. If you're taking courses from a computer science department for which Internet Explorer is required, run away as fast as possible. All the tuition you're paying is wasted. Serious tags.

Sep 28, 2009
8:28 AM EDT
From myITlab

Home Diagnostic Tool Kit

The Home Diagnostic Tool Kit will assist students running myitlab at home to ensure their system is set up to run myitlab at optimum performance. The tool performs a series of diagnostic checks on the machine and then provides feedback.

To run the Home Diagnostic Tool, you need to download the homediagnostic.exe file (396 KB) to your hard drive. Follow the steps below to download and run the Home Diagnostic Tool Kit. For more detailed instructions, click here. 1. Access the Home Diagnostic Tool Kit at 2. When prompted, click the Save button. 3. Save the file homediagnostic.exe to a location on your Desktop (or other location on your hard drive). 4. Close Internet Explorer. 5. Locate the file homediagnostic.exe on your Desktop (or other location on your hard drive) and then double-click it. 6. Click Scan Machine to run the diagnostic tool. 7. If Warning appears for any of the checks, click on the word Warning for further help and instructions from Pearson’s support resources. 8. Once you have adjusted settings for any Warnings, scan your machine again. 9. You can save a copy of the diagnostic report to your hard drive by clicking Export Report. 10. Once all checks pass, you are ready to run myitlab!

Yep, needs IE, and I don't have it installed under WINE.

Sep 28, 2009
11:25 AM EDT
How does downloading a file translate into "needs IE"?

Sounds more like incompetent documentation writing to me.

Sep 28, 2009
4:39 PM EDT
I ran the homediagnostic.exe under wine. It reports that I pass on a lot of things, but where I don't pass, I have to go to "here" (a link to the website), it attempts to load IE.The Link is embedded in the compiled binary. I suppose one might create a link to Firefox.

Sep 28, 2009
5:44 PM EDT
Tracyanne: if you really want to complete it, try ies4linux:


Sep 28, 2009
6:42 PM EDT
Yeah Sander I know. I was actually looking to see how much it depends on IE.

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