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Nov 18, 2009
8:50 PM EDT
I'd say "The Future of Google is Linux".

Linux has been doing fine so far without Google (even if there hasn't been major fast uptake in the home markets). Can the same be said for Google without Linux?

Nov 18, 2009
11:17 PM EDT
I thought the same thing when I saw the headline.

Nov 18, 2009
11:58 PM EDT
Google could have gone with *BSD.

Just sayin'.

Nov 19, 2009
12:36 AM EDT
Still, this is like saying oranges are the future of fruit. Oranges are just one example of fruit, albeit a tasty one. Google is one Linux company out of many.

Bananas, anyone?

Nov 19, 2009
12:45 AM EDT
Buffalo berries. They make great jams and syrups, and it's really fun to say "oh, buffalo berries!"

Nov 19, 2009
1:45 AM EDT
tc, is that anything like "road apples"?

Nov 19, 2009
5:15 AM EDT
But "oranges" can't die or go bankrupt. Google can.

Nov 19, 2009
9:14 AM EDT
Sure oranges can die or go bankrupt.

2013 - A new strain of flu hits, called Orange Flu. Early reports link the fatal illness with oranges, hence the name. Mass hysteria causes people to stop eating oranges entirely.

2015 - Commercial orange farming has almost entirely ceased, and most people have culled their private orange trees.

2016 - Research reveals that Orange Flu was in fact completely unrelated to most oranges, just a few rare varieties that are now mostly extinct with other varieties.

2016 - Some farmers attempt to revive the orange market, but lingering fear and paranoia in the maket causes these efforts to fail.

2017 - Oranges declared extinct.

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