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Jan 21, 2010
11:40 AM EDT
I'm messing with "Haret" to see if I can get Ubuntu boot on my HTC Touch Pro2 phone. There is already a partly working Android for HTC phone: http://www.androidonhtc.com/rhodium/port_status

Would be nice to have OpenOffice.org on my phone oneday instead of p.o.s OfficeMobile.

Jan 21, 2010
2:17 PM EDT
I wouldn't hold my breath. There are several hurdles that are bound to make this very difficult or unsatisfactory. For example:

1.- Application Memory- If I am not mistaken, the HTC comes with 256 MB of application memory. The N900 has 1 GB of application memory available. This is definitely needed for running all that code.

2.- The method you are trying to use is basically a dual boot solution. That means that, even if you do eventually get it to run, you would be forsaking all the other built in phone functionality just to be able to use OOo. On the N900 I can run OOo and still have all the other functionality at my disposal.

Just sell the thing and get your self a real Linux mobile device (with a phone app ;).

Jan 22, 2010
12:09 AM EDT
I guess saying OOo is probably a bit far fetch, but only for now, things are improving quickly. People has already made it possible to run Ubuntu on different phones. HTC new phones come with 1ghz ARM Cortex-A8, a separate dedicated GPU and 512mb of ram. Not to mention 800x480 resolution on my phone is pretty decent, I can play StarCraft and WarCraft2 on it, though 1024x640 for the future would make phones be on par with netbooks in term of screen estate. That would be a big phone, but considering the screen size of the HTC HD2 it would be possible. So I don't see any problems in term of technological capability, it could be reach by the end of this year to get a handheld phone that could do full desktop task, finding the market for it and making profit is a different story. Also another problem is maybe for the users to ARM alternatives for x86 softwares.

I was using the Android on my phone already and it's actually working pretty good, sooner the developers will figure out a way to flash the thing directly onto the phone. With that said I have zero desire to run any Google OS on any of my devices. But I'm even happy that linux give choices to pick between OSes to be used with my specifically-built-for-Windows phone.

Even the OpenPandora cpu only clocked at 600mhz and was the handheld device I was going to buy to use linux. I'm pretty much settled on that one actually. If it works well (which I know it will) then I can live with a $20 black&white screen phone + the Pandora. I can broadcast WIFI or tether my phone to the Pandora to give it internet access. Probably a bit bulky combination.

Sometimes I feel human obsession with cellphones deter us from solving more important problems and progressing as a species.

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