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Story: Thoughts on Youtube 'abandoning' Firefox and OperaTotal Replies: 2
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Jan 23, 2010
4:03 PM EDT
In general, the people most likely to switch to Chrome are people that have already proven they will switch to an alternative to IE. Those people are mostly Windows Firefox users today. So Firefox is probably in trouble. Chrome is about to drink their milkshake.

Since Apple, MS, and Google appear to have agreed that they will not support Theora, this is most likely the end of that too, (racketeering?)

A solution for Linux Firefox users however is mozilla-plugin-vlc. If it were not for VLC, (and a few other essentials,) I would probably not be using Linux as my desktop system today.

Jan 23, 2010
8:55 PM EDT
Thanks for the tip, I'm mainly using mozplugger and some mplayer-plugin now, but it's not very good.

Jan 23, 2010
10:26 PM EDT
I actually use the addon MediaPlayerConnectivity, it detect a streaming video and open an external player of my choice for the specific format. Since VLC and MPlayer has net streaming ability, then in this case they can handle most formats.

Probably less convenience. I could also try downloading the video stream. However, I have a feeling they will begin encrypting video streams.

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