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Apr 07, 2010
12:56 PM EDT
TurboHercules in my opinion makes no case for their claim to "choice" for those that want to use the IBM software and not buy the IBM hardware, but to try and take advantage of a promise in my opinion, I am sure has limits. The promise is not a greenlight to everything IBM, to anyone, come on. TurboHercules did this wrong in my opinion, and any lack of feelings for IBM (any corp for that matter), doesn't make it right. My offer to a solution, is to write the software yourself, not use/base the software from others, and then be happy that you are free of limits, or otherwise, show respect it is important. The OSI is about just that, that within limits the use of others work can happen, and the owners of that code have ownership, and "know", the right thing is being done by it. Any legal action to protect a license (GPL), protects the code and the technology within, the owner too, from those that would/may take advantage of a license.

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