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Aug 03, 2010
10:32 AM EDT
[I think I am serious]

Reading this article on browser share from differing data sources* has some interesting numbers One point made early is that the uptake of Firefox 3.6 is lagging. However, from my experience and reading of planned upgrades, many versions of the Ubuntu family of distribution are pushing users onto that version. Thus, some spike in the most recent versions of Firefox should be seen, provided it's combined with OS usage and Linux count is significant.

If Ubuntu is significantly above other distributions, browser usage might show a blip. We might just stop the arguments ... but since when have facts mattered? Ok, forget it.

[/serious ended somewhere near here]


* I am bothered by seeing usage quoted in the hundredth of a percent when I suspect a more honest telling would put the approximate error in several full percentage points. Just look at the differences between the two sets used, even though the first is a purposely limited set they are just too far apart. [Note this too is mentioned at the beginning of the afore linked article with possible explanations.]

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