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Aug 21, 2010
1:08 PM EDT
Thank you for posting this one. Although I am not a teacher by profession I do work with teachers, and I expect most of us know a teacher or two. I will be passing this information on as well as looking at it for myself.

I believe education would best be seen as important to all who value Linux and FOSS. Eschool news, reports that with federal monies being offered for education reform "experts" are swarming like cockroaches (they were less graphic). A news item lately indicated that only 24% of those taking the ACT scored high enough to indicate they are ready for college level study. Of course SAT fanbois....I'm kidding; just a little sophomoric humor. I sat for ACT and SAT in my time (no GRE though).

Education and FOSS definitely should share a place at the table.


Aug 21, 2010
5:43 PM EDT
I agree completely on FOSS and Education. There are more and more free resources for Teachers every day. Its integrating them into a lesson plan on a moments notice that is the fun part..;-)

Aug 21, 2010
7:29 PM EDT
As a homeschooler, free is always appreciated.

I love Project Gutenberg.

Aug 22, 2010
1:29 PM EDT
Scott, this was a valuable story for me as well. I use Wikimedia Commons for images, but I hadn't thought about sounds available in the same way.

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