Long anticipated Google / NotionInk tablet coming?

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Aug 22, 2010
1:41 PM EDT
Actually, it's not a news-story, so therefore just a forum comment:

With a lot of 'tam tam and fanfare' the Indian Notion Ink tablet was announced - probably about a year ago. Back then, one couldn't say if it was vapourware or not, but it surely drawed lots of attention. Lots of enthusiasts - like myself - thought this device might be "better than the iPad" from a technologically (hardware) point of view. Nah, I'm not going to say "iPad killer" because I don't like that kind of language. Both will have a target market of their own. However, most of the 'promised' Android / Windows tablets proved out to be vapourware, like the HP Slate, are not ready because not yet stable, like the Always Innovating Touchbook, suffer from software which is 'not that good', like the Entourage Edge, or just 'cheap slow bricks', like most of the Chinese ODM-Brand ones (Eken most notably).

A few weeks ago, however, I found out there's a new webpage for the NotionInk tablet: http://notionink.in/ (beware: Slow flash site!) with some specs, and they are looking for more developers: http://notionink.wordpress.com/

There have been hints they're working together with Google and the tablet might be running Chrome instead of Android. The PixelQi screen became optional as well - due to cost considerations, enabling a cheaper version. Also, it was announced the tablet will be released in the countries with the most developers / interest the first.

So there is some progress, but not enough for a 'news article' yet. Surely interesting to follow though. A bit sad it doesn't run a more 'free' distribution of Linux like the AI Touchbook, but better than an Windows / Apple Tablet I guess.

Google also announced a "google tablet", so it will be interesting to see if that one and the NotionInk are inspired on each other or maybe even the same.

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