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Sep 25, 2010
9:19 PM EDT
Read the comments on the Register article. The Shill Cavalry got called in to save the day.

The author's problem comes down to an ugly combination of two or three things, at least two of which are basic flaws in the design of Windows.

First flaw: the file system, NTFS, can handle file names and paths longer than the shell (CMD.EXE) can.

Second flaw: NTFS allocates files by runs or extents of disk blocks. The wrong allocation pattern of files can lead to many very short "runs" allocated, a.k.a. fragmentation.

Third flaw: point-n-clicky interfaces to file copying just don't handle largish numbers of files in a directory ("folder" to you baby-talkers). This isn't a Windows problem per se, but certainly the existing Windows APIs tend to exacerbate this.

But the "Windows User Mentality" prevented the author from analyzing his/her problem in this way. The Learned Helplessness led the author to just get 'er done in the quickest possible way, as the underlying structure of Windows won't change in any meaningful way.

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