Baking EXIF rotations in photos?

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Nov 05, 2010
4:58 AM EDT
Hi all, I need some help with modifying photos. I regularly handle very large photo sets. Many photos have been taken with the camera sideways. Luckily, the rotation of the camera at the time of the photo is stored in the EXIF data of the image. So, when I view the images in Nautilus or my photo viewer, I see the image correctly.

But, I have to publish all these photos to a website and browsers don't understand EXIF rotation data. So, I need some way to "bake" the rotation into the image. That is, some kind of script or tool that looks at the EXIF data, checks to see if the image should be rotated and if so, it rotates the physical JPEG and deletes the EXIF rotation.

Is there any tool that can do this? Manually rotating hundreds of images gets boring really quickly.

Nov 05, 2010
5:42 AM EDT
Nevermind. I already found something: jhead -autorot:

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