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Nov 10, 2010
10:25 AM EDT
Apparently a rep for Adobe said he/she will forward a suggestion to provide a Linux version of CS. This means nothing. Sure, the rep didn't respond with four-letter words saying a Linux version isn't going to happen, but this really is a meaningless post.

Specifically, it is this single sentence

Quoting:I have forwarded this feedback on to the appropriate team who will consider it for future releases of Adobe software.”

Nov 10, 2010
4:15 PM EDT
Yeah. Nothing to see there.

Nov 10, 2010
5:07 PM EDT
I suggest the author of that blog refrain from holding their breath over this matter.

Nov 10, 2010
5:16 PM EDT
I suggest the author hold his breath. And his typing fingers.

Nov 10, 2010
7:24 PM EDT
I don't agree this isn't interesting. Here's why:

MID's / netbooks become so powerful, recently it has become possible to use them to do some photo-editing. If there are apps in the future for Android and iPhone to edit photo's, Adobe has a market-share problem.

They're well aware of this, hence why they co-operated with Ubuntu (and ARM?) to optimize Flash for ARM as well, in newer versions of their flash-player.

MID's / netbook-interfaces however are not very well suited for content editing I think, basically because the braindead fools at Apple never contemplated _creating_ stuff with an iPad! Capacitive touchscreens aren't suited for such a task, IMNSHO a design blunder. But who am I.

You see, right now all the Apple fanbois are crying fool of devices with resistive screens being worse than capacitive, and hence they use sausages in winter - because without sausages they can't operate their iPhones with gloves on (I'm not kidding here!).

When it comes to content creation, resistive screens is a smart idea IMHO. There are nice Wacom tablets content-designers interact with using a stylus, so why not put a display in the Wacom tablet to do 'concentric' editing, with the interaction / display in one place?

That's the nightmare scenario for Adobe, and that's probably why they don't say "NO" at this point.

Good tablets with resistive screens aren't released yet. The resistive tablets come from Chinese B-brands, and come with "crappy" hardware, where crappy means: Too slow to do photo/ video editing". This might change though. Especially, I'm looking forward to render farms made with tablets, which basically would be a "renderfarm with lots of interfaces". Hmm, one can always dream.

Nonetheless, video editing MIDs are real, they have been shown by TI (IIRC) on 'some mobile congress'. Right now, I think Adobe and Apple don't like to see this happening, because that means 'more work' for them, so we'll have to look at Android (and maybe ChromeOS?) to see if someone is willing to fill this niche or not.

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