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Nov 28, 2010
8:26 PM EDT
Scott, I just read your one year posting. Not only was your narrative interesting, but so was the amazing support (amount and kind) you received. Perhaps there is another site where this has happened, but I honestly don't recall one.

Although I have continued to enjoy looking at other distributions and learning more, I started using SuSE at v8.2 and now use opensuse 11.3. As you wrote, I am not pushing a particular distro, this one has simply felt right for me for quite a while. The biggest change I made was from KDE to Gnome. Of course, Yast is Yast, regardless.

In your 2005 post you mentioned your camera being recognized by default. A few years ago my wife was given a Kodak digital for Christmas. Although there is likely a way, I couldn't get her Windows XP to work with this camera without the Kodak bloatware installed. However, opensuse and had no problems using digiKam or F-Spot. I'd just grab the pics and transfer them over to her system. I bought her a card reader so now she just pops the card out of the camera and life is good.

Thanks for all you efforts, Scott; I expect Don knows he left lxer in good hands.

Nov 28, 2010
11:51 PM EDT
Thank you for the kind words Ken, it was that amazing support I got (and continue to get) that hooked me line, sinker and all to LXer like nothing before or since.

I really cannot believe how fast five years has gone by.. I consider myself one of the luckiest Journalists in the world to have scored a gig (to borrow the musical term) this awesome. Apparently the world of FOSS is chock full of cool people because I keep meeting more and more of them..

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