Buying for the wrong (or right?) reason

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Feb 07, 2011
3:51 AM EST
I went mouse and keyboard shopping this weekend.

Unlike buying webcams, tablets or more obscure pieces of hardware, I usually don't bother to do "will it work on Linux" research before buying, because it's unlikely to run into a mouse or keyboard that does not work. My plan was to just pick up a cheap mouse+keyboard combo from pretty much any random brand. But then I spotted something on one brand's packaging that made me pretty much immediately grab it off the shelf.

See, whereas most items in there had the usual "Is teh uber-awsom wif Windwos 7, grar!" type logos on them, this one keyboard maker took the trouble of including a "Linux Powered" logo on the box. ( )

As stated before, it's a keyboard and it makes no difference, but I was just too happy to find a product that actually aknowledges my existence. Ever seen Plan 9 From Outer Space? As a Linux user, I feel like Eros in that film. I just want people to know that I exist.

This is the product. They don't have any mention of Linux on their web site though. Teh sigh.

Feb 07, 2011
6:10 AM EST
I've done the same with both printers and USB drives. If it explicitly says it supports Linux on the box, I'll buy it.

One thing to note about webcams - if it says it's plug and play, in my experience, it will work with Linux, because the driver is in the kernel. You should only have to do research otherwise.

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