If it itches, scratch it.

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Jun 13, 2011
10:15 AM EDT
Linux has always been about scratching an itch. For me in 1999 it was the possibility that Microsoft was going to go the Software As a Service route and would own all the software AND my data. I decided I wanted to own my data and thought that the sooner I moved away from Microsoft, the sooner my data would be safe. I also decided I was tired of pirating software and knew that if I switch to Open Source software, I would never have to pirate another program ever again.

I embraced the penguin in 1999. Perhaps there was something wrong with me. I believed Linux to be a Unix clone. Other than hardware related issues, I thought any shortcomings or things I did not understand were shortcomings on MY part. All I had to do was learn Unix like I had learned DOS.

The good news is that if it looks like Linux will scratch an itch for someone, they will learn it no matter what they have to overcome to do so. The even better news is thanks to the efforts of many people whom Linux has scratched an itch for, Linux is eaiser than ever to use and may non-computer oriented folks can run Linux with little or no difficulty.

As for Windows System Administrators who are not willing to overcome any hurdle in their way of mastering Linux. Just remember this. Someday you may have interview for a job where the other candidate knows both Windows AND Linux.

Jun 13, 2011
11:23 AM EDT
Obviously the author does not understand that there are many Linux users that do not want the OS dumbed down; that is what MS Windows is for. Linux is not a gaming OS and should not become one. And developers seem to have the same opinion, certainly those developers who work for IBM et al developing for Linux. Please do not assume that everyone in the entire universe has the same point of view that you do, and so the world should be remade.

Some obvious errors in your article: "What about those that have hardware that doesn’t work Linux lost a potential user"

Only Apple products guarantee that everything works since they control the hardware. Windows users probably have to search for drivers more than Linux users.

"They find the download link with the penguin above it Linux lost a potential user" No one should download from some unknown web site. If it's not in the repositories and can not be installed with the distro's package manager, find an alternate. One strength of Linux is that you download from a trusted source, and not from anybody, anywhere on the web. Hopefully that's not going to change.

Finally, you are comparing a system like MS Windows or Apple, that come pre-installed, with installing Linux on your own. Try installing MS Windows (it will format/delete the disk first so you lose everything and can not dual boot) or Apple (wrong hardware so it won't work) with a pre-installed Linux system.

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