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Aug 22, 2011
7:14 PM EDT
It strikes me (and I have no evidence to back this up), that it is easy to radically change the UI experience of millions of people if you do not have to justify it their faces.

It's kinda like when people send emails and post things to their <insert social media site>, things that they would never say to someone directly.

I used to work for a software house that required you to do the installation for the customer of software that you were responsible for and demonstrate it. That way, if you messed up, you got the flack. So, you made sure that it worked, it was what the customer wanted and the bugs were gone.

Imagine that you were the guy or guys that came up with the Gnome Shell idea and it was your job to justify its existence to thousands of people, to their face. That might give you cause to pause, as it were. It's all very well talking up these things to the converted at a conference or mail group. It's a very different prospect preaching to the non-converts and convincing them that that you are right and they are wrong.

Even now, we get the defensive and disparaging posturing from the people in charge. They are still justifying their actions to 3rd parties (reporters/critics). In some respects there is a big problem here that what they do doesn't affect their pay check at the end of the month. That's a big focuser :D

Aug 25, 2011
6:00 AM EDT
Quoting:As for this "sense of entitlement", which is a favorite dismissal of user complaints, of course we have a sense of entitlement-- who the heck are developers writing software for?

Given that they appear to find the coments from users tiresome, one does wonder.

Quoting:The KDE4 and GNOME teams in particular are famous for dismissing users who they like to brand as not contributors.

How does one contribute to a project when the horse has, so to speak, bolted. When clearly the project has moved in a direction from which it appears there can be no return, and ay bug report would be considered invalid, in any case, as it does not address an actual issue related to the direction of the project.

Quoting:This is a deadly attitude that does a project no good. Every bit of user feedback is a contribution. It's information, it's data that should be collected and analyzed. But it seems that KDE4 and GNOME are not interested in the experiences of their actual users, except perhaps the ones who offer unquestioning praise.

In many cases the only place where users can contribute aything positive (negative in the eyes of the developers) is as comments in response to reviews that, in many cases appear to be either rather superficial, or seem based on use cases that don't reflect the use cases of those commenting, I know that I have not yet come across any review that is even remotely close to my use cases. And lets not forget those commenting are more tha likely the tip of the iceberge. I know from experience that there are many non technical users, people I support and those I meet on line on Social forums who find the breaking changes confusing, but they don't comment on blogs either positively or negatively, these people are never going to meet the criteria the developers appear to require.

Aug 25, 2011
6:59 AM EDT
Something I should point out is that when both the KDE4 and GNOME3 initial design descriptions were released in blogs and, in the case of GNOME 3 the initial screen shots and early Alphas, I was was very positive about both of them, and argued against people who stated opinions that were negative, It was only later, in both cases when it became clear that the designs were breaking changes that ignored pre existing use cases that I became "negative".

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