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Aug 29, 2011
6:57 PM EDT
Could it be that MS no longer considers FOSS to be an enemy?

Or, Did it finally figure out that mentioning Linux as a competitor is counter productive since it would give Linux more publicity?

Never know, it is a strange and sleety operator.


Aug 29, 2011
9:40 PM EDT
> Could it be that MS no longer considers FOSS to be an enemy?

No. Not as long as Ballmer is CEO.

Aug 29, 2011
9:49 PM EDT
Ballmer's CEO position is predicated on having enemies. If all M$'s enemies vanished in one minute, he'd have to make some more to avoid paralyzing confusion.

Aug 30, 2011
10:00 AM EDT
Quoting:No. Not as long as Ballmer is CEO.

I believe one commentator here on Lxer tried to convince us that Linux is not the enemy, VMWare is.

Could it be that MS is trying to create such perception?


Aug 30, 2011
12:35 PM EDT
Fettoosh wrote:Could it be that MS no longer considers FOSS to be an enemy?

I'm not so sure. Unless you're a stockbroker, stock buyer, attorney or have any other financial interest in Microsoft (or any other company for that matter), a corporation's 10-K report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission is hardly a page turner. In fact, it's a real snoozer, from a literary standpoint. For the most part, much of what is in the 10-K can be found in the annual business report, but not always. Therefore I don't think it's Microsoft waving a "white flag," nor do I think it's Microsoft playing nice.

Instinctively, my immediate thought is that someone in the higher echelons of the Microsoft business/legal department probably drafted an eloquent memo saying, "Look, we have bigger threats than Linux," especially if you compare the 2008 10-K statement about Linux to the one submitted in 2011 (and, to be fair, I haven't read the 2009 or 2010 10-K reports since, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I am not in the lineup of people who would be remotely interested in this sort of thing). Possibly, they may have gotten tired of much of the text and wanted to jazz it up. Who knows?

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