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Sep 28, 2011
2:52 PM EDT
. . . I'll try to think of a scenario where I'd want to use a bash terminal or other Linux application while I'm in Windows.

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Sep 28, 2011
3:45 PM EDT
I occasionally find the need to do things for work that are much easier for me using cygwin and a bash shell script. Learning the various bash substitutions and expansions helped that opinion, though.

I've seen a friend point and click his way through renaming a directory worth of audio files to take off the leading artist and album information.

It would have been a bit faster with this:

for spec in *.mp3 ; do
  mv "$spec" "${spec/artist_to_chop_off_-_album_to_chop_off_-_/}"


Sep 28, 2011
6:07 PM EDT
I am sorry about the server being down, I was the first time I ever had any problems with it and had to reboot it.

Sep 28, 2011
6:39 PM EDT
Ah. OK. Now it makes a little more sense -- it's an article about installing Cygwin on a Windows box. I have to use a Windows box at the newspaper for which I work, however I always have the Linux-running laptops closeby. So other than telanoc's example above (and perhaps ssh-ing into my local open-access Unix system using a terminal instead of PuTTY on the Windows box at work), are there any other uses for this?

Sep 28, 2011
10:31 PM EDT
Try running something from the command line. "c:Program FilesLameLame.exe -b 32 -h ...

Now try running a batch of files. Yes I realize there are front ends like RazerLame, but there's not always a fronted, and sometimes the command line is faster...in Linux.

Wget for windows is another annoying animal to use in Windows' sorry excuse for a shell.

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