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Oct 09, 2011
10:09 AM EDT
Wanted to say: After about seven years or so of reading this website, it's cool to see some screenshots from its creator!

Oct 09, 2011
10:12 AM EDT
There wasn't much to see, though. A black background, black xterms and a few browsers. But it's beautiful to me. :)

Oct 09, 2011
11:35 AM EDT
This illustrates well that the important function of a desktop is to provide a means to efficiently do your work.

The beauty of linux is that it can be configured and tailored to automate repetitive functions and to personalize it to the way we do our work. Dave has essentially developed his own desktop starting with the most basic of them and then building it up to the point of perfection for his own personal needs.

Oct 09, 2011
2:11 PM EDT
"the important function of a desktop is to provide a means to efficiently do your work"

Someone should forward this message onto the Gnome 3/Unity devs. I think they missed the memo.


Oct 09, 2011
2:20 PM EDT
Your rig is pretty much the same setup I have for my development rig right down to the processor.

I do have a newer and more powerful machine but its for gaming only, the development rig is rock solid and definitely my favourite machine.

I have an Asus A8N Deluxe nforce 4 based motherboard and it was the best thing I ever bought never a single problem with it, incredibly linux friendly everything supported from pretty much day one.

She is called Charity and I talk nice to her so hopefully she still has a few good years left :)

Does this sound sad?

PS: I also keep Rhythmbox handy, I sometimes find coding hard without music, my old boss always wondered how on earth i managed to concentrate and code whilst my head was bopping away to music, ive no idea it just works for me, the brain is a peculiar thing.


Oct 09, 2011
5:11 PM EDT
Black is the new black Dave! No seriously, to me it looks stylish. No poeha, just a good place for doing real-world work.

I can tell, because I just installed proprietary nVidia-driver in Ubuntu (for wine-gaming to be precise), and now Unity-effects and the cube is enabled. Looks very cool, but my windows don't even have a close button or maximize buttons, maximize shortcut key doesn't work, the menu of Firefox is disattached (probably you have to run Unity to understand all of this as it just doesn't make any sense)... Looks exciting, but a drama if you want to do real work!

Better have black.

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