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Nov 07, 2011
9:35 PM EDT
I'm so glad that this article got posted. This is the type of momentum that needs to keep on keepin on, yeah I know how corny that sounds. But, as we witness a new shift in the way we are doing things whether it's an operating system or a license that does not restrict, we need to make others aware that they too can participate no matter the skill they hold. Whether it's an article about crowd sourced direct democracy or the amazing open source project mentioned in this article by Carla.

With people like this innovating I know there exist untapped potential. It's just waiting for someone like Carla to make them aware of it, to inspire them, etc..

Thank you Carla, great work.

Nov 08, 2011
12:54 AM EDT
That's a really delightful article. I like all four described examples and admire the aims of the first two projects. The third was an eye opener for me as I had no idea that Linux had penetrated so deeply into a US Govt Department (being Australian has its drawbacks in things like this) and it is interesting to see that it is the SUSE package that is being used - my favourite distro.

But the last article is truly heartwarming; what starts more or less as a practical joke has turned into the real thing and in addition is now supplying funding to medical research. I am impressed.

Thanks Carla from me too.

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