Imagine if she had ferrets...

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Dec 01, 2011
2:08 AM EDT
This article could have been so much better if she had ferrets too :) OK, it's great. I really enjoyed this one.

Dec 01, 2011
3:56 AM EDT
Hmmm, ferrets aren't native to Australia, but we do have some nice little predators. Imagine if she had brush tailed "rats" or phascogales:

(Look up Phascogale tapoatafa on the web......there'e a small series of spectacular images.)

A family took up residence in our ceilings and at about 6pm each day, they would come out and play across a vertical brick feature and fireplace wall in the dining room, all 6-7 of them.....running at high speed up, down, across, diagonally, and then go out to hunt. They are lovely to watch with their fluffy black bottle brush tail, and they are tiny carnivorous marsupials, not rats.....Oh, and there are green tree frogs in our down pipes, wallabies on our front lawn, bandicoots digging in our gardens and the occasional grey kangaroo wanders across our country block. I am afraid that if we had cats and/or dogs, none of those native animals would be here. I'm not sure if they help me use Linux; oh of course they do, they introduce variety.

Dec 01, 2011
4:11 AM EDT
On a road-trip about a month ago, on the way back from one of our penguin beaches ( ) we came across a mongoose by the roadside. We stopped to take pictures. He was a bit nervous but generally friendly.

On the same trip we went to a bird sanctuary where they had a mongoose in an enclosure. This fella was grumpy as heck, hissing and yelling at everyone.

Dude obviously prefers freedom - see what I did there? :P

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