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Dec 05, 2011
9:23 PM EDT
I seriously doubt Google would be dumb enough to dump Mozilla, though they might try to renegotiate for a cheaper price.

Google dumping Mozilla would be a pretty stupid move, and here's why: Even through Chrome is now overtaking Mozilla for 2nd place in web browser usage, Firefox still has a lot of users. Google doesn't really make money from people using Chrome; they make money by people using Google search and other services, looking at ads, and clicking on them. It doesn't really matter to Google if people use Chrome or FF, as long as they use Google when they search. However, if Chrome and Firefox were to suddenly disappear, leaving IE as the main browser, then we'd go back to the bad old days of MS trying to force its own incompatible standards, and then using their control of the browser to lock out Google; this is the whole reason Google created Chrome, to prevent MS from controlling the web. With Chrome and FF (and to a small extent Opera) out there, MS is prevented from doing anything but following open standards on the web, which is critical to Google since they live and die by standards-based web browsers.

Another big factor is default search engines. In Chrome and FF, the default search engine is Google, because of Google's deal with Mozilla (and because they control Chrome). This sends a lot of money Google's way. In IE, the default browser is Bing, not Google. If Google were to dump their deal with Mozilla and Mozilla disappeared, some of the FF users would switch to Chrome, but some of them would switch to IE, and start using Bing. This would result in a loss of revenue for Google. Worse, if Mozilla scored a deal with Microsoft and made Bing the default search engine, then suddenly a LOT of FF users would be using Bing instead of Google.

Dec 05, 2011
10:23 PM EDT
There are many ways that mozilla can make a buck w/out google or bing. Everybody and the default search.. there are many other defaults that can be bought too.

Dec 05, 2011
10:47 PM EDT
Looks like DuckDuckGo is ready to sign deals with they just signed a deal with Linux Mint. Does that mean the new term for search is "Duck it"? and what would I call doing a vanity search with DuckDuckGo? "Ducking myself"?

I dun' think so.

Dec 05, 2011
11:25 PM EDT
Quoting:Does that mean the new term for search is "Duck it"? and what would I call doing a vanity search with DuckDuckGo? "Ducking myself"?
LOL Good one, Ken.

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