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Story: The Mystery of KDE ActivitiesTotal Replies: 0
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Jan 14, 2012
12:59 PM EDT
Quoting:Activities are a super-set of Virtual Desktops. They don't replace Virtual Desktops -- in fact, each Activity can have its own set of Virtual Desktops if you choose. Instead, Activities are alternative desktops, each of which can have its own wallpaper, icons, and widgets.

...But I wish he didn't compare Activities with Desktops. Comparing to or contrasting KDE Activities with the Desktops has been the 2nd main reason of user confusion. The main reason was the lack of good explanation and documentation by the KDE team.

KDE Activities enable users to bundle/group related or associated resources like data files, applications, tools, utilities, windows/views and various hardware resources to streamline access and effectively manage, control & perform tasks/projects.

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