Unsung Heroes of Linux????

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Feb 09, 2012
11:07 AM EDT
As one who fully supports Adafruit, buys their products, and generally admires and respects Limor Fried for all she's accomplished, I fail to see how she is a hero of Linux by any stretch of the imagination. All her tutorials are geared to Windows users and Linux is mentioned almost as an afterthought, though admittedly not completely ignored. Adafruit sells neither books nor anything else Linux, and if one wants to use her products via the Linux OS, one must go to other sources for any serious information. I get the feeling Carla is a friend of Limor and I appreciate her making Limor's company and efforts known to me. It has opened a new vista on a subject I had little previous knowledge and for that I am grateful. OTOH, I've been using Linux for over a decade and although I suspect Limor does, too, I've neither heard nor seen any evidence of it. How this makes her a hero of Linux, unsung or otherwise, is beyond me.

Feb 09, 2012
2:37 PM EDT
Great article, Carla. Humble suggestion: add Patrick Volkerding, founder of Slackware Linux to the list. I guess the creator of the first working Linux distribution would deserve a place in your Linux pantheon.

Feb 09, 2012
4:02 PM EDT
I would second Patrick, Slackware was my first introduction to Linux and what an intro that was :)

Feb 09, 2012
8:41 PM EDT
Guys, it' says Part One. Give her time. :)

Feb 14, 2012
3:27 AM EDT
True, it is only part one. Good call, Carla, on Ken Starks and Akkana Peck -- two folks who chop wood and carry water in the FOSS realm without tooting their own horn.

Feb 14, 2012
7:37 AM EDT
I reckon Ken toots enough as it is...

Feb 14, 2012
9:32 AM EDT
Patrick Volkerding's "Linux System Commands" is still one of my favorite command line reference books. OK, it can use a refresh at this point but it's still an excellent reference.

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