I'm still using Linux Mint 9

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Feb 21, 2012
11:49 PM EDT
With a GNOME 2 Panel based Desktop. I will probably continue to use it until April 2013. So far MATE isn't there, adn nor is Cinnamon, and I don't wantb to lose my current functionality. When LM13 is released I'll start experimenting with KDE4, MATE and Cinnamon. The chances are I will move to KDE4.

I have PPAs for all the applications I use, so I don't need to worry about falling behind there, I'm running the latest version, or the latest but one. So I'm under no pressure to upgrade my OS.

Feb 22, 2012
3:39 AM EDT
I couldn't curb my updateritis. Cinnamon 1.3.1 isn't there yet, but as a Gnome 3 based desktop, I like where it is going. Once LM13 is out, it'll probably be ready for prime time.

Feb 22, 2012
1:16 PM EDT
I tried KDE Mint 12, but it just took to much in the way of ram resources although it was certainly better than a lot of other KDE distro's ive tried, certainly beat Mageia 1 hands down, got the 64bit version down to 320Mb and the 32 bit version down to 250 mb with tweaking.

But to be honest for what I do, I need at least 4GB of ram before I start using KDE, I have only 2GB and use VM'S frequently so I need all the RAM I can get and XFCE allows me to use what I have efficiently. Don't even mention upgrading the only way I could achieve that would be to ram-raid newegg and even that would be tricky with the price of fuel :)

Feb 22, 2012
4:03 PM EDT
@tracyanne, I understand, as I'm sticking with the GNOME 2-running Debian Squeeze for now. I'm not totally opposed to GNOME 3, but I'm giving it some time to marinate before I leap into it. By the time Wheezy releases, I imagine that will be the time for me to move.

Feb 22, 2012
6:01 PM EDT
@Kotiel, I have the luxury of 8 Gig on my main machine, and will probably have 16 or more on a new machine by the time LM13 is released. At which point my focus may change, and I might be running a several Virtual machines

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