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Jun 24, 2012
7:58 PM EDT
Quoting:You can either download the ISO image file of Mageia 2 KDE from one of many mirrors, or use a torrent. I chose the second option. The ISO image itself is 696 Mb for the Live CD version. The entire downloaded size, though, is 715 Mb, because it includes additional files like MD5 sum.

The ISO for 32bit Live KDE is 674Mb and a little under 42Kb for checksums and other files in the torrent. The above quote leaves around 19Mb for the associated files which doesn't seem accurate.

Quoting:The official guide says that you can create a Live USB from the ISO using command dd or application mandriva-seed. Unfortunately, neither of them worked for me.

The dd method worked fine on two different machines, using both the Live CD and Dual Architecture CD. The method I used was to format a USB drive and then copied the ISO to the USB. Note the USB must not be mounted or the dd method will not work.

Quoting:Unetbootin was slightly better. I was able to see the boot menu and even the splash screen. But after approximately 15 minutes of waiting at the splash screen, I decided to give up. Live USB boot did not happen.

From the above mentioned official guide: Note that programs such as Unetbootin should not be used to copy the iso image to a usb drive.

Quoting:But, once you have tried Mandriva and its derivatives (Mageia and ROSA) several times, you can get used to the long boot time and 1001 unnecessary questions asked during the boot.

There are actually only five questions for language, license acceptance, timezone, time settings and keyboard layout. This doesn't seem unreasonable.

Quoting:The memory widget showed me values in Gb instead of usual Mb. That’s why I can’t tell you precisely how much memory was taken by the fresh Mageia 2 KDE system. This is something in the area of 0.3 Gb. That makes very little sense.

Using the free -m command from a console terminal shows 924Mb used when booting the Live CD.

Quoting:LibreOffice applications are the main ones in the Office section of the Mageia 2 menu. These are only the core LibreOffice applications, without the less common Draw, Base or Math.

LibreOffice Draw is in the menu system and Math is installed, Math just isn't in the menu system. A quick directory listing of /usr/bin shows the components installed.

There are many other things that I disagree with, but opinions seem to be frowned upon lately, so I will just leave it at the obvious technical inaccuracies.


Jun 24, 2012
8:17 PM EDT
I currently have a big problem with Mageia 2 as it appears gnome3 style system proxying handled by libproxy/gsettings appears to be broken on this distro. Which basically means I can't get Firefox to pick up proxy settings using its "use system proxy settings" option. I ruled out firefox as the problem by using the vanilla edition from mozilla which works fine on other distro's.

Edit: I was mistaken doesn't work on Mandriva either, so back to the drawing board and im still none the wiser as to why it wont work even if I manually configure system proxy settings Firefox still refuses to use them.


Jun 24, 2012
10:23 PM EDT
I'm running Magia on a Virtual Box VM, I'm quite impressed with it. So much so that I'm seriously thinking of dumping LM and Ubuntu and moving to Magia. Doing that would be, for me going full circle, as I started using Linux with Mandrake, back in 2000.

Jun 24, 2012
10:36 PM EDT

I would too if I could just solve this proxy issue that Firefox has on Mageia, its pretty much a showstopper for me.

Jun 25, 2012
1:52 AM EDT
@Koriel, I take it you've already tried the Magia forums for English speakers.

Jun 25, 2012
2:29 PM EDT
Bodhi asks the users a few questions at start as well - with our last few release we've cut it back to just two questions though. We used to ask 5-6 to get the user more customized to start but _lots_ of people complained about this.

Since we dropped back to just 2 I haven't heard much noise about it...


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