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Jul 05, 2012
11:39 AM EDT
Why can't they just say {Brand Name} built on Linux, or something similar? It doesn't even need to be part of the name, just some acknowledgment. There is no Linux branding, other than maybe Tux. Linux in general needs some kind of universal brand or logo. We see it everywhere else, PC's with Intel or AMD logo's, phones with Android logo's, etc. Probably because there is no means of enforcement, no incentive or consequence of not relating to Linux. *SIGH*

Jul 05, 2012
8:29 PM EDT
It could work, if it was done right -- most people don't know enough to appreciate what it really means, so perception/image counts for a great deal.

For example, I've seen a number of ads for a particular make of heavy-duty pick-up truck, that make sure to mention that it's built with a transmission from the same manufacturer which supplies the transmission for the Abrams tank.

Of course it's worded in a positive way that strongly implies you're getting pretty much the very same power train -- but then Apple implies they're selling you a system with the rock solid ingrained security because of its BSD "foundation" . It works well, if it's done well.

I actually have no idea how well that tank's transmission actually performs in real life, or whether the truck version performs well, either -- but if I wanted a truck with good load capacity reliability and endurance (eg. to tow a boat while carrying a camper through my region's mountainous terrain) I'm sure that I would find this factoid somewhat reassuring.

Mere mention of Linux, by itself, might detract from as much or more than it buttresses the desirability of a product. "Linux Inside" has to be presented in a way that "Linux" implies "Good Stuff", rather than obscure, possibly intimidating, geeky technical details.

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