Story: How to disable confirmation window when closing gnome terminalTotal Replies: 1
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Jul 07, 2012
12:14 PM EDT
The message is given for a reason. All this hullabaloo to disable it? Phooey!

Jul 07, 2012
3:35 PM EDT

Choice is good.

I personally find these warnings rather irritating. But I also generally leave them alone. I even take the trouble to alias 'rm' to 'rm -i'

But sometimes, I do disable such warnings, if I'm "in the zone" and find the incessant interruptions sufficiently distracting. Quite often, for me the deciding factor is how easily I can toggle back and forth, depending on circumstances. I usually tend to be more concerned to be able to switch back quickly and easily, for when I'm tired, distracted, or only half paying attention.

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