How not to sell your expensive Linux offering

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Jul 20, 2012
7:47 PM EDT
Larry Ellison still has no clue how to relate to either the FOSS community or those businesses using FOSS to save money:

"Well, there is one catch: switching actually provides little discernible advantage over CentOS, except the opportunity to give Oracle your money for its support.

And it's a prospect CentOS users are widely turning down, saying they won't switch to Oracle Linux because they don't trust Oracle and also because of the company's poor standing as a member of the open-source community."

Too funny. This will fail just the way Unbreakable Linux failed to attract customers. Here's a clue, Larry: if you want people to buy your product you have to offer something people see value in.

Jul 23, 2012
1:02 AM EDT
this bloke wdaher, who appears to be a Linux developer working for Oracle doesn't seem to get it. He keeps talking about the intended audience being linux enthusiasts, and explaining all the interesting tech they have, but he doesn't seem to get that the sticking point is that it's Oracle. I actually felt sorry for him, when reading the comments by him and those in reply.

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